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BITSSETEX has its corporate headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, which is, an innovation-value-oriented enterprise that develops the trade platform through collaboration between software developers, financial experts and experienced traders. In 2018, BITSSETEX has acquired and registered two operating licences of Virtual currency wallet service and Exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat service. The core of its technologies is focused on "Secure platform", "Custom-built trading engine", "Fast deposits and withdrawals", " Trusts with customers". Technology innovation and Trust with customers are the essence of BITSSETEX, It is always a top priority for any decisions in ours.

Our mission is to foster innovation and to provide a global trading platform that supports multiple currencies. BITSSETEX lists only on cryptocurrencies that are recognized in the global market for investment value such as technology, stability, and marketability.

The core matching engine of BITSSETEX is one of the best-in-class technology products in its field, and is highly evaluated for Implementation of innovative features such as real-time cleansing, massive large order matching algorithms, fault tolerance, uptime, and high availability. BITSSETEX is steadily growing with its competitiveness such as abundant liquidity, safe trading and transparent operation.

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Roosikrantsi tn 2-634K, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia, 10119

1.License number of cryptocurrecy wallet service is FRK000366
2.License number of Exchanging virtual currencies service is FRK000366